Monday, January 25, 2010

Final Destination 1 (continue)

Devon Sawa plays ALEX, a teenager that has a special gift of seeing death before it happens.

He and 40 of his classmates are going to Paris on a school trip. Just before the plane takes off, Alex has a dream of it crashing and everyone going up in flames. He freaks out and causes a great commotion onboard. He and 5 classmates and 1 teacher are taken off the plane. As he explains to them what he saw, the plane takes off. All of a sudden... boom! The plane explodes in midair.

Alex figures out that they all cheated death and now death has a plan for the 7 of them to die. Since they cheated death, now death is after them. After reading reports of the path of the fireball onboard, he determines the order the 7 survivors were supposed to die . One by one they start dying in the order that Alex predicted.

His best friend slips in the shower and accidentally hangs himself.

While arguing with the survivors, Alex has a vision of a bus speeding down the street, even though no bus is there. Suddenly, one of the girls turns to walk away and is killed by a bus.

Next in line is the school teacher that was removed from the plane to help calm everyone down. She has a series of household accidents that ultimately leads to her computer blowing up in her face, a bunch of knives falling on her and her house blowing up.

The four remaining take off in a car only to have it stall on the railroad tracks. They all get out except the driver. He was the next to die but Alex swoops in and pulls him from the car just in time. As they are recovering from this near mishap, the train hits a piece of metal and it flies through the air killing his other friend, standing beside the tracks. Alex figures out that if someone intervenes and prevents the people next in line to die, death will skip him and kill the next person.

Next in line is his girlfriend Clear Rivers. She is at home when lightning hits a tree causing a chain of events to occur that ultimately find her in her car with a power line on top of it. Alex swoops in again and saves her, cheating death once again.

Six months later, thinking they have finally cheated death for good, the three remaining fly to Paris. Suddenly Alex realizes that they haven't cheated death and that he is the next to die.

Another weird chain of events takes place and Alex is about to be hit by a bus. This time Clear has a vision and shouts to Alex and his other friend knocks him out of the way of the oncoming bus.

They now think they have cheated death for good since they have all almost died but someone intervened. Then Alex wonders if maybe death starts over from the top of the list of survivors.

Who is next his friend wonders as a big sign come crashing down and killing him.

I guess death is still following them after all.

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