Saturday, April 4, 2009

Knowing Trailer (2009)

The Movie Trailer Script

Story: Knowing Trailer
A teacher (Cage) opens a time capsule that has been dug up at his son's elementary school; in it are some chilling predictions -- some that have already occurred and others that are about to -- that lead him to believe his family plays a role in the events that are about to unfold.

I want each fo you to draw me a picture of what you think the future is going to look like. Then we'll put the picture in the time capsule, and 50 years from today a group would open it to see what you drew.

What are you doing with this? You weren't supposed to bring it home it belongs to the school.

But maybe it means something, like a map puzzle or something.

Stay with me I know how this sounds, but I've matched these numbesr to the dates of every major global disaster for the last 50 years in perfect sequence.

Earthquakes, fires, tsunamis. the next number on the chain predicts that tomorrow somewhere on the planet, 81 people are going to die. In some kind of tragedy.

Oh oh oh, just step back, Have another look at it!. Systems that find meaning the numbers are a dime a dozen. Why? Because people see what they wanna see it.

Is everything OK?

I'm sorry, sir, but you need to get back to your car.

Anybody hurt?

A couple of injuries, but nothing serious.

The numbers are a warning.

What happens when the numbers run out?

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