Saturday, April 4, 2009

Man On Fire - Trailer & Script

The Movie Trailer Script

Story: Man On Fire
A man whose ideals have been shattered for the last time is out for violent justice in this thriller.

Creasy (Denzel Washington) is a former United State intelligence agent-turned-mercenary who has seen too much of the violence and corruption in the world and has become jaded and withdrawn.

Creasy is hired to act as a bodyguard for Lupita (nicknamed "Pita", played by (Dakota Fanning), a ten-year-old girl whose wealthy family (a Mexican father and American mother) currently lives in Mexico City, where kidnapping has become a near epidemic.

While watching over Pita, Creasy becomes fond of the girl, and finds himself regaining some of his faith in humanity. But things take an ugly turn when Pita is abducted by gunmen who shoot Creasy and leave him to die in the streets.

Enraged beyond reason, Creasy recovers and sets out to find the men responsible for kidnapping Pita, no matter who he has to kill along the way.

There were 24 kidnappings in Mexico Cith in the last 6 days.

Four a day. What do you think about that, Creasy?


It's been 2 days.
This is my new bodyguard, Creasy.

What are you gonna do?
What I do best, anyone who gets in my way, I am gonna kill him.

The Bible says, "Be not overcome of Evil, But overcome evil with good."

I'm the sheep that got lost, Madre

What happened to him? What happened to Creasy?

Peter Ramos.

I'm gough, Creasy.
You're tough?
Not as tough as you.

No such thing as tough, either you're trained or you're untrained. How which are you?
Which are you?
Trained, OK.

She showed him it was alright to live again.

Do you have a girlfriend, Creasy?
No, what kid of question is that, anyway? You're supposed to be studying History, OK?
That is History. Creasy History.
No, that's Ancient History.

And the kidnappers, they took that away.

And they're gonna wish they never touched a hair on her head.

A man can be an artist at anything.
Creasy's art is death. He's about to paint his masterpiece!

I don't want your money. I want a proof of life, or I'll take your family a part piece by piece,
you understand me? Piece by piece!

He'll get more don in a weekend that 10 years of your courts, so just stay out of his way.

Did you say goodbye to her?
Answer my Question! Did you say goodbye to her?

I got all the time in the world. You don't but I do.

Forgiveness is between them and God. It's my job to arrange the meeting.

Last wish, please.
Last wish? I wish...you had.....more time.


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